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How to become an owner

How to become an owner

Becoming a racehorse owner has never been easier, with PRO we can have you signed up and attending a race day in a matter of minutes. You’d simply need to choose your perspective horse, percentage and affordable payment package. Let us know your choices and we’ll have all the details sent out to you via email including the contract and payment details. If you have any questions about getting involved, then we pride ourselves on our customer service and will respond to any phone calls or emails as soon as we can.

We’ve gone through rapid growth since the start of our affordable racing syndicates. Increasing our owner’s numbers dramatically, whilst always looking to add to our string of fantastic racehorses and trainers. One thing you’re guaranteed to find with us is that we are always looking towards the future, not only in new horses, but in how we can improve the experience as a whole for our owners. Being involved in a racehorse, seeing them race and train at a close proximity is a quite breathtaking experience. Nothing beats the feeling you get when you see your horse getting involved during a race and if you’re lucky enough to see them win, then we can promise you it will be a memory that you’ll never forget.

We encourage everyone who joins our team to try their best to get along and enjoy race days with us. As an owner you are entitled to an owners badge when your horse races, which gives you access to exclusive parts of the racecourse such as the parade ring, owners bars and normally entitles the owner to a free meal/tea/coffee etc. We normally get fantastic attendance when we have a PRO horse running and it’s always a pleasure to see our owners having such a great time, whilst making good friends in the process. We try to create a real team atmosphere within the syndicate members with club colour’s being worn in the shape of ties, scarves, pin badges etc. They really stand out to the general public and we are quickly getting recognition by lots of racing enthusiasts and the industry itself.

The Benefits –

  • Owners Badges – Be there in the parade ring on race days and see your horse run from the comforts of the Owners & Trainers enclosure.
  • Prize Money – Collect your share of any Prize Money that your horse may win.
  • Stable visits – Come along to our organized stable visits. Get great opportunities to meet the trainer, get up close with your horse and see how they train behind the scenes.
  • Regular Updates – Here at PRO we aim to keep you as updated as possible. We send out regular email updates as soon as we have news on your horse, from how they are training to entries & declarations.
  • PRO Welcome Pack – Receive a welcome pack which includes a club scarf, certificate of ownership, pin badge and other PRO merchandise.

How YOU can become a PRO...

If someone was to tell you that you could own a racehorse for as little as £30 per month, you wouldn’t believe them, right?

Well, Personal Racehorse Owners, or 'PRO' has made this possible, offering packages starting from £30 a month, for a 1% share in a professional Racehorse, which works out to be as little as just £1 per day. PRO pride themselves on their premier customer service and experience, which sets them apart from other syndicates.

Expect exclusive experiences, with a personal touch, whilst working very closely with your horses' trainer to keep you, as the owner, as updated as possible.

What are you waiting for?!

What are you paying for?

When your share package is complete, you will be provided with a 'Welcome Pack' which includes exclusive material such as a PRO pin badge & a Certificate of Ownership. Owners and Trainers tickets will also be provided for when your horse is racing for that particular meet. As well as being heavily involved in the ownership of a professional racehorse, you will receive a percentage of any winnings your horse may run into and you will also get your share of the money if your horse is sold (in accordance to your share %). But most importantly you are paying for the excitement prior to a meet when you get the latest updates from your trainer of how well your horse is doing or that thrilling feeling when you see your horse fly along the July course to the finish!

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