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  • How long are the contracts?

    The contracts are free to cancel after 12 months, they can be cancelled before for a lump sum which is equivalent to 3 months training fees.

  • Can I bring a guest along to race days and stable visits?

    Of course, we encourage all of our owners to bring along guests should they so desire. We are restricted to the amount of tickets we can get on race days however, so these are allocated to owners first and then we do our best to cater for all guests.

  • Am I guaranteed a ticket as an owner?

    Yes. All owners are guaranteed an owners badge on race days. We get given a set amount of free badges which are balloted off and then the option to purchase additional badges which are usually priced between £8-£12.

  • Can we visit our horse any time?

    Yes you can. However you would need to book an appointment with us first, we would then contact the stable and arrange for you.

  • Are there any hidden costs, vets fees etc?

    Nope. Our costs include everything, from Jockey’s fees to vet’s fees. Your costs will always stay the same.

  • Do you guarantee a return on investment?

    If you are looking to make money, then we’ll be honest and say that racing isn’t the safest bet. Whilst we have had plenty of winners and will no doubt continue to do so, it’s all about the enjoyment of being involved. We have fantastic fun within our syndicates and are a very friendly, social group all whom love getting along to the races to cheer on their horse!

  • What’s included in owning a share?
    • Organised Stable Visits
    • Owners Badges on Race days
    • Welcome Pack; Certificate of ownership, club pin badge, club scarf & various Pro merchandise
    • Prize Money
    • Regular email & Video updates
  • What happens if the horse gets sold?

    This will also be discussed with all owners of the horse, but the final decision on sale comes down to the managers & the trainer. You would of course receive your share of the selling price.

  • Do I have any input in regards to the horses career?

    Of course, our syndicate manager is always available to contact to discuss all things related to your horse and their career.

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